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          WELCOME TO THE NEEDHAM RESEARCH INSTITUTE, a centre for the study of the history of East Asian science, technology and medicine.

          THE NEEDHAM RESEARCH INSTITUTE is the home of the Science and Civilisation in China Project, and houses the East Asian History of Science Library. As a recognised global centre of study, the NRI offers a unique collection of books and other published materials on the history of science, technology and medicine in East Asia, and welcomes scholars from all over the world.

          A Charitable Trust (Registered Educational Charity 311459)

          Our mission is to create a wider understanding of the historical contribution of the people of China, Japan and Korea to the scientific and technical culture of humankind, through research, publication and public outreach.

          We are an independent foundation and receive no public funds. Please consider supporting our work through a donation using your credit card or PayPal. All donations will be gratefully received and acknowledged.

          THE NEEDHAM RESEARCH INSTITUTE, formerly the East Asian History of Science Trust, exists legally as a registered charity governed by a body of Trustees, who appoint the Director. The Trustees are drawn from a variety of backgrounds, including the University of Cambridge, business, and those with broad experience of China and East Asia generally. The chairman of the Trustees is Professor Martin Jones, who took office on the retirement of Sir John Boyd, KCMG in 2016. The Trust owns the buildings and other property of the Institute, and administers its endowment through a Bursar. All enquiries relating to the Trust should be made through the Institute's Administrative Manager, Susan Bennett, who is also Secretary to the Trustees.




          8 Sylvester Road,
          Cambridge CB3 9AF, England

          Tel:+44-(0)1223 311545





          Those wishing to enqire about accessing the library, please contact the Librarian, John Moffett.

          For all other enqiries, please contact the Administrative Manager,เว็บพนัน แจกจริงSusan Bennett